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Healthy and abundant populations of fish and wildlife are how we gauge IWF’s success. In the face of constant political and ecologic pressures, we believe that keeping wildlife a public resource and using the best science for management yields the maximum benefits for fish, wildlife, and the public. IWF campaigned and started the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and its Commission in 1938, and since then we have fought to keep our big game species out of jeopardy by political mismanagement.

Ensuring Big Game Opportunities

Hunting is engrained in the fabric of our lives here in Idaho. It is hard to imagine an Idaho without substantial herds of elk, deer, and pronghorn. Yet as near as the 1930’s, these species were almost wiped out in Idaho due to unregulated overharvest and habitat destruction. So it is by no accident that our iconic big game species recovered. IWF is also a leader in bighorn sheep restoration in Idaho by supporting the use of science based evaluations to determine when and where domestic sheep are separated from bighorn sheep.

Ensuring Quality Fishing

Who in Idaho doesn’t have a secret fishing hole that never lets down? We wouldn’t sacrifice the fishing in the South Fork of the Boise or the St. Joe for anything. That is why IWF protects these special places by promoting sustainable uses of our streams, rivers, and lakes. We won’t compromise the strength of our fisheries or make fish consumption toxic.

Making Wildlife a Nonpartisan Issue

Our political allegiances shouldn’t determine our prescriptions for wildlife management. There is no such thing as a Republican mule deer, a Democrat cutthroat trout, or an Independent black bear – they simply need space, healthy habitat, and conflict mitigation. IWF brings together diverse individuals who understand that the ultimate goal of our work is ensuring fish and wildlife and our enjoyment of them.

Diseases and Invasive Species

New wildlife diseases and invasive species appear in Idaho all the time, threatening our fish and wildlife and challenging traditional approaches to wildlife management. IWF works hard to ensure that sportsman interests are at the table to help devise innovative, effective solutions to these issues that reduce the risks of disease while protecting wildlife and wild values.

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