Quality habitat is a necessity to all fish and wildlife. Habitat provides food, water, and space all animals need to survive. Here is how IWF works to enhance and sustain healthy lands and waters.

Creative Solutions to Protect Habitat

In Idaho, we use our lands and waters for many purposes- ranching, motorized use, mining, logging, etc. Often times these areas provide quality habitats excellent for sporting opportunities as well. IWF works to find creative solutions that continue human use but reduce or eliminate degradation in prime wildlife habitat. In order to protect the quality of our hunting and fishing opportunities, IWF participates to define smart land management.

Keeping Public Lands in Public Hands

Our public lands provide unparalleled habitat for fish and wildlife- the reason we have hunting and fishing opportunities that are the envy of the nation. National forests and BLM lands provide critical open space needed to sustain the last great game migrations. This abundance of habitat is quintessentially Idaho. Unfortunately, loud dissenters would rather our public lands be sold to the highest bidder and shut out the public. The State of Idaho has sold off 41% of its lands so we know how they would “manage” them. IWF works tirelessly to keep public lands in public hands. Read more about the public lands issue.

Promoting Voluntary Efforts on Private Lands

Idaho is more than public land. We farm, ranch, and log on private grounds we share with wildlife. Good stewardship provides quality habitat on working landscapes. That is why IWF supports programs that aid landowners who protect these habitats. While we don’t believe landowners should be rewarded by allowing the sale of Landowner tags, we do believe they should be rewarded for being stewards of the land. We are continuing to grow our outreach and conservation on private lands in Idaho.

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