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Idahoans value public lands because they are the backbone of fish and wildlife habitat in Idaho. Our state’s greatest resource sustains wildlife, our outdoor culture, and economic prosperity. The State of Idaho has sold off 41% of its lands since statehood, and are not managed for multiple-use. Only federally managed public lands promise to balance industry use with recreation opportunity and wildlife standards. Tell your state and national officials you oppose any attempts to take public lands from public hands. This land is your land!


Americans spend $646 billion annually on outdoor recreation provided by public lands.  The outdoor industry alone is bigger than the following industries: oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, motor vehicles and parts, household utilities. Outdoor recreation supplies 6.1 million jobs which far exceeds these industries: oil and gas, education, transportation and warehousing, information, and construction.

Our public lands in Idaho generate:

  • $6.3 billion in consumer spending
  • $1.8 billion in wages and salaries
  • $461 million in state and local tax revenue
  • 77,000 direct Idaho jobs

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Protecting our public lands is protecting our Idahoan culture and our American birthright. On our shared public lands we have the freedom to pursue fish, chase game over ridgelines, or follow upland birds down any slope. Federal management of our public lands promises access, multiple use, and public input. State management offers no such promises, which is why IWF members know that in order to preserve our outdoor traditions public lands should be left in public hands.


The number one cause of declining wildlife populations is habitat fragmentation. It is a simple correlation to comprehend- wildlife need a certain amount of space and forage to sustain numbers. Reduce access to these things and populations cannot sustain. Public lands and their contiguous habitat offer immeasurable ecological value. If the state is allowed to parcel and sell off these connected landscapes, wildlife will suffer and so will our sporting opportunities.

State Management and Why It’s a Bad Idea

  • 41% of Idaho’s state land has been sold off since statehood. No thanks on my public land!
  • Idaho does not have to consider multiple-use for land management
  • State lands aren’t managed with your input
  • The state can put up these signs


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